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Note: The phone number noted in the above photograph is the smoking gun that can be linked to virtually every recurring phone problem, and every recurring violation to public utility law since 1996 that has continued each and every day since 1996, and the chronological history of illegal behavior noted below. Any reasonable person can see the above phone number has the last five digits of "25093." To avoid paying millions of dollars in fines to the California State General Fund, the phone company told the State of California the phone number has the last five digits of "85093." To understand more about the phone number, see: The Fictional Phone Number and a blatant act of Perjury Because any reasonable person can see the above phone number has the last five digits of 25093, I have asked the FBI to investigate the Judge for corruption.

Welcome to My Communications Nightmare

I believe I have the worst telephone service in the country — but clearly the phone company doesn't want to talk about it. Or is it just the phone company attorneys who won't?

Altogether, my business and residential listings have been made unlisted or incorrect 32 times in 411, AT&T 00, and the three local phone books, since May, 1997. This number does not include the fact that my numbers are not correctly listed in the 1998, 1999, 2000 PhoneDisc® Powerfinder, and other types of phone CDs that I use for my business. I have now included in my web site a detailed chronology of these problems.

With this web site, I am documenting the stone wall I have encountered in trying to communicate with AT&T regarding phone services problems, and the substantial consequences to my business that they have caused. Eventually, I felt forced to begin recording telephone conversations with AT&T personnel to protect my interests. But once I started recording, no one would talk to me, and I received even less help with my phone problems.

One of the strangest twists in their tactics was instructing an officer of AT&T Corporate Security to telephone me. A member of the Executive Complaint Committee asked him to do that. We spoke several times. What do my telephone problem complaints and questions have to do with Corporate Security? Not even the security officer himself could explain that to me. I can only surmise it was done in an attempt to intimidate me. Just recently, AT&T did come up with a lame excuse for this.

This is the tariff I believe AT&T is violating by giving me prejudicial treatment in regard to my phone service and the problems with it. I was given this document by the CPUC when I asked them what tariff AT&T could be violating.

If you enjoy the story of Mike and Ma Bell, you'll love the history of how I got into this mess. It all began with PACIFIC BELL, when I moved into the area where I now live and conduct my business.

But what about the PUC? The story would certainly not be complete without them!

You may at least get a laugh out of these examples of my attempted communications with this so-called communications company
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Assorted Letters and Other Documents, and Excerpts from Various Transcripts
of the Forbidden Telephone Conversation Recordings!

Some of these pages are long and may take awhile to load.

In the beginning , AT&T promised to help me to recover from Pacific Bell the income I had lost as a result of my business numbers being made unlisted, saying I must sign this statement as part of that process June 9, 1997

After signing the above statement, I wanted to know the status of the proceedings. I was still under the impression AT&T would back me up regarding the cable failures and other problems, that they'd give me a fair shake and test the lines properly. I wrote this letter to J.B. Miller to explain the history of my phone line problems and to request testing by someone other than Pacific Bell August 21, 1997

Again, I point out to J.B. Miller the losses suffered by my business during service outages, as well as the difficulties I had getting Pacific Bell to diagnose or fix the problems. I again request testing by an outside party. I still wanted to believe AT&T intended to help me, but was beginning to suspect the truth... August 26, 1997

AT&T explains why my business numbers were made unlisted and that I was not the only one to whom this has happened. But don't they tell people about the problem if they don't happen to find out by themselves? September 5, 1997 (If this has happened to you, I'd love to hear about it, by the way! As of November 18, 1999, my own business and residential numbers had been unlisted or incorrect nine times. And as of September 15, 2000, the number has risen to an incredible 32 times! I have now added a chronology detailing each instance.

Hello, hello, what's this! A cable failure reported in my area? How can that be! September 17, 1997

Transcript of conversation with J.B. Miller — September 19, 1997

See the infamous "clown letter." I felt frustrated by the lack of attention to my service and billing problems, and I got nowhere being polite for 9 months. I tried this ploy to get their attention. It resulted in my service being restricted, and an AT&T manager threatening to report me to Security January 30, 1998

Ms. Gail Burns reaponds to my "clown Letter" with humour, which is what I was after. I just wanted attention given to my service problems.February 2, 1998 But she never fixed my billing problems although she said she would, and my service was restricted soon after. Very funny.

My business fax line is dead due to cable failure. AT&T shut off the long distance service on my other line even though they had acknowledged the billing problems and said they'd fix them. So now I can't call customers long distance on either phone! February 10, 1998

Four telephone transcripts — February 11, 1998

Transcript of another phone conversation with J.B.Miller — February 12, 1998 Miller agrees that the phone lines in the street are being affected by rain because they are old, but says there is nothing he can do. He also suggests that I would have to move to a commercial zone if I really wanted to have better lines, as commercial areas get upgraded first. If this is true, AT&T has been accepting my money for business service right where I am, as did Pacific Bell before them, even though they cannot and will not deliver it!

Two telephone transcripts — February 13, 1998

My business phone line was dead again and I called an operator for help. — February 18, 1998 The operator was able to forward the line to another of my numbers within minutes, while I waited, and said that is usual practice! See fourth transcript four under 2-11-98, above, for the six-hour version of the same little fix! (And why was the line dead? According to the operator, it was a cable failure.)

Cable failure on one of my lines — February 28, 1998 Confirmed by this AT&T repair person: cable failure in my area. Pacific Bell's cable is at fault, AT&T resells Pac Bell service. Pac Bell needs to fix it, but that would be expensive. Why doesn't AT&T care whether it gets fixed?

Cable failure on another line, and it is Failure Number Nine March 2, 1998 Well, it's number nine according to operators and technicians who ran a loop test at the time, anyway, but not to AT&T Management or Pacific Bell Management. As far as they are concerned, apparently, I never lost service due to cable failure, particularly not today.

Miller and Burns had not corrected anything. I was still experiencing cable failures, denial of service, un-listings, overbilling for more listings than I had... I tried going over their heads by faxing a letter to Mike Bunse, Branch Manager, detailing the troubles. It got me the response below, plus the independent cable test I wanted March 5, 1998

Bunse's response. But not to my March 5 fax (above). Instead, that fax seems to have precipitated a response to a letter I had sent AT&T on February 19, asking compensation for the toll that phone problems had taken on my business. Mr. Bunse gave me his direct phone line and asked me to call — March 5, 1998

AT&T Test Record. The technician from AT&T finds the Pac Bell supervisor "unprofessional". With the results of this test, Pacific Bell management was proven by AT&T to have lied! March 7, 1998

I am awarded $20.89 to supposedly compensate for my September service outage due to cable failure. When will someone just FIX the cable! (And, anyway, why did it take seven months for them to credit my account? Could it be that AT&T Management knew I had experienced a cable failure, but didn't know I had the September 17, 1997 letter corroborating it?) April 7, 1998

Repair History covering period from April 29, 1997 through March 12, 1998. It clearly states there were cables failures during that period May 11 , 1998

I sent AT&T a claim letter in February 1998. Five months later, Branch Manager Mike Bunse said the amount was too high for him to handle and I would have to talk to AT&T attorneys. However, AT&T policy, confirmed in this letter, is that I cannot talk to an AT&T attorney unless I hire an attorney myself!July 30, 1998

I wrote this long letter to Nancy Rodriguez, AT&T Complaint Manager. I was upset about phone problems repeatedly disrupting my business, with being charged for services I was not receiving, and with the frequent referral to AT&T attorneys and what they would not allow August 23, 1998

Here's an interesting request: I am asked to communicate by mail, but am not given an address August 26, 1998

Even with clear records of multiple outages on my lines due to cable failure, an AT&T manager still tells me Pacific Bell refuses to replace the cable under the street because Pac Bell "has not determined the cable to be the cause." I wonder if he was able to keep a straight face while writing this letter September 24, 1998

Another service rep promises to help me— October 14, 1998 Unfortunately, she did not fix the problems — but she did tell me that she would take care of it. She said she would be happy to help, and that I should feel free to call her (I had called directly).

Communications? — October 15, 1998 I asked for AT&T manager Rod Aguilar's mailing address and he replied, "I'm not giving that up."

I wrote to my AT&T Local Service Branch Manager, Steve Van Collie, providing him with this chronological history of the 411 directory listing problems, and service problems. He signed an acknowledgement of having received it, and I was never allowed to talk to him again. — November 15, 1998

My business phone service had been turned off and I had recorded a conversation with a bill collector in which I was forced to pay a bill including an overcharged amount in order to have it turned on again. One hour later, AT&T faxed this letter to me! Personally, I believe they had recorded the call tooNovember 18, 1998

A revealing little chat with Nancy Rodriquez— December 1, 1998 This Complaint Manager threatens to call Security if I don't stop asking for answers to my complaints. Instead of addressing any of the issues, she just complains.

AT&T Corporate Security calls to tell me that a $3.93 adjustment to my account should resolve all my previous problems— December 2, 1998 What? And AT&T needs a security officer to call and tell me this? The "Executive Complaint Team" then has the gall to write that this had nothing to do with my billing and service issues! (See March 16, 1999 letter too.)

AT&T awards me a whopping $3.93 credit! Now I wonder how many dollars it cost them in workhours and salaries to come up with that... — December 2, 1998

Just chatting with AT&T Corporate Security again — December 3, 1998 Why does AT&T official Nancy Rodriquez have Corporate Security call telephone customers? The security officer himself doesn't seem to know the answer. Whom else did Security call for Ms. Rodriguez? Was it you?

More phone tag with AT&T Security — January 11 and 13, 1999 Since he seemed before to know so much about my account, I decided to try to meet with the AT&T security officer who had called me, to talk about my phone problems. At this point, I'd try to get help from most anyone... He tells me he only deals with employee issues. Why did he call me? I am not an employee of AT&T, obviously.

When customer service isn't: my business numbers were unlisted four times (see also September 5, 1997 letter) as of the date of this letter. AT&T can't tell me who did this or when it started. Yet the Customer Service department is not concerned — January 16, 1999. As of August 13, 1999, my phone numbers have now been made incorrect or unlisted eight times. (See notes.)

Interesting conversation with AT&T operator—
February 22, 1999 My service had been shut off yet again. The operator agreed that it seemed unwarranted and most unusual, and he reinstated service. This was the fifth time my service had been disconnected on the heels of an interaction with the Executive Complaints group. Coincidence...? Do we detect a pattern here?

Customer Response Manager unable to respond—
March 9, 1999 Apparently, AT&T attorneys have me "under wraps." According to the dictionary "under wraps" means "under a shroud of secrecy." In any case, the legal department told this customer response manager not to respond to me.

Another fax from the phone company that failed to get through the first time due to static and bad lines. It was a note from the anonymous "Executive Complaint Team" March 12, 1999

They do not want to explain why they had AT&T Corporate Security telephone me (they don't feel that particular "matter" is related to my case). Also, suddenly they no longer have names! Who is this Executive Complaint Team, anyhow? March 16, 1999

Transcript — April 29, 1999 Has AT&T opened a new social club for managers? I guess it helps them deal with the stress of "problem" customers like me, if they make their calls outside the burdensome professional atmosphere of their own offices. Maybe this is why Rod Aguilar won't "give up" his address? (see October 15, 1998 transcript) This is not the first time he called me from a pay phone.

An example of correspondence with the latest person assigned to my case, Mary Brown. It regards the sixth time my phone numbers were made unlisted or incorrect. She is willing and helpful, but it is still happening. Since this letter, my business and residential listings have been missing or wrong three more times for a total of nine! Still, no one can tell me why this happens to my listings or when they are affected (I keep having to dial directory assistance to find out if they are all right). I am billed for those calls, too June 21, 1999

Mary Brown calls me regarding the listing problems— July 20, 1999 The current problem she is checking happens to be the residential number listing. But it could just as easily have been the business one, since all my listings keep changing. She is trying to help, and doesn't mind that I called her directly.

Two more messages from Ms. Brown, still trying to help me. — July 23, 1999 She still has no problem that I called her and asks me not to hesitate to call her back with any questions. When I try to call the 800 numbers, I usually get passed around or put on hold until I get cut off, as long as half an hour. One of the people I would get if I called the 800 number and asked for a superviser is Mary Brown.

Ms. Brown calls mistakenly to say my 411 listing is now correct, and I call 411 and find it is NOT— July 29, 1999 What she did not realize is that AT&T personnel cannot reach the actual Pacific Bell 411 operators from inside the AT&T buildings. They get a local operator. They have to check it from a PacBell pay phone. I then called the 411 operators myself and found the listing was not correct. I faxed Ms. Brown a note (July 29, 1999) to let her know about the situation.

I write to Mary Brown to point out what had caused her to think my listing had been corrected (transcript, 7-29-99). This is a situation that has occurred before with others at AT&T July 29, 1999

Ms. Brown confirms that I am right and the number is not correct— July 30, 1999 She apologized and follows up on getting the listing corrected.

A letter from the office of Nancy Rodriquez (she did not personally sign it). It's an attempt to put words in my mouth and yet again weasle out of correcting my chronic service, listing, and billing problems August 9, 1999

I had received a letter from Pacific Bell, informing me they had republished my listing at AT&T's request. But they did not notice that the information supplied by AT&T is WRONG. I faxed a copy of this to Rod Aguilar and asked him to fix it September 7, 1999

Mr. Aguilar's response. He says the listing has been corrected. Gosh, it only took 2 days, not 5 weeks (and this wasn't even my business listing). September 10, 1999

Letter from Rod Aguilar. Mr. Aguilar informs me that he alone is my contact at AT&T, but also that I am not allowed to contact him, or anyone else. He tells me that AT&T considers my case closed. Rod Aguilar will not admit to receiving phone calls or e-mail from me when I send them, or to having conversations with me, even though he finally admits to being my AT&T contact. — April 18, 2000

Re: Not Listed...Again. I write Mr. Aguilar to inform him that I have discovered one of my phone listings has been changed, yet again April 25, 2000

Transcript of phone pessage from Bill Higgins at AT&T, who seems to be offering to help me. Mr. Higgins of AT&T responds to a voice message I left at AT&T. He tells me he is following up "in an effort to get you a clear and meaningful response and will continue to pursue that". May 19, 2000

A three-page letter from AT&T Corporate Security! This letter is from Mr. Sid Bohinc of AT&T Security, written to "establish ground rules for [my] future contacts with AT&T, and apparently to try again to intimidate me. It accuses me of being intimidating! I wonder if anyone else is accorded this kind of special treatment when they complain about chronic problems with phone lines and listings. It should be noted that my numbers were made unlisted or incorrect repeatedly after I received this letter from Corporate Security. June 9, 2000

Interesting conversation with Sid Bohinc of AT&T Corporate Security. Rodney Aguilar's name comes up— Mr. Bohinc says I should fax my complaints to ..."the attorney you've been dealing with," and confirms that Rod Aguilar is the person to whom he is referring (this was not the first time that someone told me that Aguilar is an attorney). — June 19, 2000

I write to Bill Higgens. I point out that he did not keep his promises to get back to me after we had spoken several times, nor to obtain a "clear and meaningful response" for me. I also let him know about the overcharges on my current phone bill — July 27, 2000

Response from Mr. Higgins. He acknowledges the fact that there are overcharges on my bill. He also attaches a copy of the June 9 letter from Corporate Security and confirms that the result of his effort to get a "clear and meaningful response" is nothing other than the letter from Corporate Security I received after he called me (of which he attached a copy).— July 28, 2000

Letter from me to Elouise Devore, Executive Chairman's Manager. In this letter I clearly delineate some of the special treatment I have received from AT&T legal and security departments since I first tried to clear up chronic and ongoing problems with the services for which I pay AT&T. The special treatment includes having my service restriced for no reason after making a complaint, and being intimidated by Corporate Security. As of the date of this letter, my phone listings had been changed, dropped, or made incorrect 32 times August 25, 2000

Business phone line not working properly. Another letter to Elouise Devore, to let her now that my credit card/fax line was having problems and I could not use it to process credit cards. When I reported the fault with the line, a technician was sent who did not have the proper skills or equipment to test the line. I attached a letter I received anonymously from a technician of Southwestern Bell, giving advice on having static on my phone lines tested and fixed, but the tecnician sent to check and repair my line was not able to carry out any of his suggestions, and then told me he was not able to talk to me because my business is not a Pac Bell customer. September 13, 2000

Letter from Steven P. Saurini, Executive Appeals Case Manager, AT&T. He was unable to reach me by telephone because he was using the wrong phone number. The number he was using, and gave in the letter, was wrong! This is the sort of thing that has happened repeatedly with my listings over the past several years, often when customers are trying to reach me. Note that the AT&T answer to the FCC below confirms more directory listing problems between October 2000 and March 2001, resulting in a credit of $40.48 to my bill on March 15. I just want the listing changes and errors to cease! October 13 , 2000
(Note—I do have a chronolgy of chronic phone listing problems on this web site.)

AT&T Business Services Premises Work Authorization Form & Pacific Bell service contact sheet. My credit card machine was not working on my business line, which a Pac Bell tech had tested as okay. The credit card machine did work on my residential phone line. November 16 , 2000

A email I sent to AT&T Corporate Security personnel Sid Bohinc and Dave Darlington, who had both been in contact with me. I wanted some more information about the allegations that had been made concerning my conduct and AT&T security's involvement in the issues of my ongoing phone service problems. January 19 , 2001

This letter is the reply to my January 19 email, above. It came from AT&T attorney Rosalie Johnson and threatens me with disconnection of my service if I continue to try to get resolution to the chronic problems being experienced with my phone services. It is interesting to note that I experienced phone line problems again less than a week after receiving this threatening letter. On January 29 I reported that my credit card machine would not work on my line, and on January 30 I reported that there was no dial tone. These problems are confirmed in the July 27 AT&T letter to the FCC below, in which they state they adjusted my bill by $10 for them. Although the letter only mentions static on the credit card line (in a CPUC letter of April 27 the January 30 event is characterized as an "outage" too), it does give the dates and is most certainly referring to the January 29–30 problems that I had reported. January 24, 2001

My Congresswoman, Ms. Ellen O. Tauscher, wrote this letter to the FCC for me. It resulted in the letter (next entry, below) from AT&T to the FCC, forwarding a response to one of the questions I'd asked. June 29 , 2001

Letter from AT&T to the FCC. AT&T answers one of my questions on which the CPUC did not get a response, and did not investigate further (See CPUC letter April 4, 2001). Also, please note that there is a difference in communicating with the FCC. AT&T had refrained from making the sort of personal attacks on me that they make in communications with the CPUC about my case. It is also interesting that it took my Congresswoman and the FCC to get a straight answer to my simple question. Most importantly, this answer confirms in writing some of the directory listing and telephone line problems I experienced with my service between September 2000 and March 2001, when adjustments were made to my bill because of them. AT&T did not want to tell me why these adjustments were made. I do not ask such questions to be frivolous, but because the answers will often support my assertions that my phone line and directory problems have been chronic literally for years, have never been resolved, and continue to the present time, despite AT&T's frequent assertions to the contrary. July 27, 2001

More phone problems. This is a series of faxed correspondence with AT&T's Darlene Bedell, Coach Over Total Service Resale. I was trying to get problems with my phone service corrected, having tried yet again to get resolution via service operators without success August 7–8, 2001

Note: I have included here a couple of letters provided to me by Mr. Chris Toman, another individual who has lodged a complaint against AT&T. In his case, it was for wrongly taking away his business 800 number. Use this link to see them.

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Have you had similar experiences with AT&T? Did you receive telephone calls from AT&T Corporate Security on behalf of members of the "Executive Complaint Team" or others after inquiring about your phone problems? Do your phone listings keep being dropped or made incorrect? If so, I'd love to hear about it. Please contact me with your story.

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