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I had an attorney send a letter to AT&T on 2-19-98 stating my claim for damages. AT&T ignored it.

After two weeks, I wrote the letter below to Mr. Miller's boss. It provides a list of times that I experienced service outages due to cable failure, times that my long distance service was cut off, some of my attempts to get things resolved and responses I had received.

Apparently, this letter was more effective than the attorney letter (which had cost several hundred dollars), because on March 5, 1998 Mike Bunse left three separate messages on my answering machine, and then finally faxed me a letter dated 3-5-98 to discuss a settlement offer. I called Bunse and told him I didn't want to discuss the settlement until the phone lines got tested.

This letter did not result resolution of the problems, but I did finally get the 3-5-98 response to my 2-19-98 claim letter, mentioned above, and AT&T hired an independent contractor to check my lines as I had requested, too.

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