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Instead of a response to the problems that I detailed in the letter faxed on 3-5-98, that fax seems to have precipitated a response by Mr. Bunse to a letter I had sent two weeks earlier, on 2-19-98. In that letter, I asked for compensation for the toll that phone and directory problems had taken on my business. It had been ignored until receipt of my 3-5-98 fax.

On March 5, 1998, after receiving this letter by fax, I called Bunse and told him I didn't want to discuss the settlement until after it was determined why I was losing phone service. On March 7, 1998, the phone lines were tested and it was determined that Pac Bell lied about condition of the phone lines. I then asked Bunse to contact Rick Resnick at Pac Bell for an explanation as to why I keep losing phone service (see Resnick's response).

When I called Bunse to discuss the settlement, he said the amount was too large for him to deal with and that I would have to discuss the settlement with an AT&T attorney. When I asked for the name and number of the AT&T attorney, Bunse told me I could not talk to one.

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