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Here's the infamous clown letter that apparently made me such a threat.

To put it in context, I had been overbilled for nine months straight. (I pay for four additional business listings and they were charging me for eight, and I was also charged for the listings when my numbrs were made unlisted.) This was on top of all the services outages, directory errors, and other problems. Whenever I tried to get the matter cleared up by telephone, I was put on hold for as long 20 as minutes at a time, and nothing was done or resolved anyway.

I had been polite for nine months with no results. I was feeling very frustrated and wanted to get their attention, so I tried this approach. I suppose it might seem funny that Miller responded with a threat to call Security, but it's terrifying to think that a person in his position could shut off my phone service, the lifeline of my business, with the flick of a switch, or put Security onto me, and get away with it if I didn't have a record of the conversations and events.

It should be noted that J.B. Miller is not as sly as Linda Standen, at Pac Bell, who promises to help and then reports me to Pac Bell Security. (See PUC letter, 10-28-99.)

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