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I am writing here to let Ms. Brown know that my listing has not been corrected, and how she came to be given the impression that it had been. This includes reference to the same phenomenon with regard to Rodney Aguilar, who did not believe me when I said my numbers were unlisted until he tried calling from a Pacific Bell payphone himself. I understand her difficulty, even though no one at AT&T seems to know about it. If the executives, the 800 operators, or anyone calls from within their building, they get their own local operator, not Pacific Bell 411.

Although Pacific Bell is not my local carrier, the Pacific Bell local directory is supposed to carry my correct listings, for which I pay AT&T, and AT&T is supposed to see that it does.

This letter forms part of a group with the transcripts of 7-20-99, 7-23-99, 7-29-99, and 7-30-99.

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