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Paragraph 1—
This so-called conversation lasted no more than 30 seconds. It consisted of me saying I want my listings fixed, and Rodriguez saying "you keep asking the same questions." Regarding the "disputes," I did not acknowledge anything of the kind. It may be that the listing currently incorrect was my residential, but the problem happens repeatedly on my business lines too. It has never been fully corrected!

Paragraph 3—

a. I have tried calling the 800 numbers and been put on hold for 20 minutes and longer, until the line disconnects; I can't leave voicemails there either. The only way I've been able to get helped is to call directly. The people I called were the same ones I might have reached at the 800 number, had I been able to get through.

b. 800 numbers and my calling 411 and 00 directory assistance have nothing to do with each other. I am forced to call 411 and 00 regularly to check whether my listings are correct. (The AT&T 800 operators cannot reach Pacific Bell 411 to even check my listings, anyway.)

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