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Below are a couple of letters regarding another person's complaint and case againt AT&T (for taking away his 800 number unjustly and harming his business). I read about Mr. Toman's problems with AT&T in a newspaper and I called him, naturally interested. In the letters below, copies of which Mr. Toman gave me, AT&T denies any wrongdoing and Mr. Toman's attorney responds to that.

I think a couple of points are important—

For one, AT&T refused to acknowledge Mr. Toman's complaints or write to him until the newspaper article had appeared. This shows that he had just as difficult a time getting a response or acknowledgement as I have. It took the newspaper article for anything to happen.

Secondly, the letter to Mr. Toman was written by AT&T during the same time period that their "executive complaint team" refused to give me a local mailing address, even though they are located here. They insisted I write to Mesa, Arizona and behaved as if their location here in San Francisco was a secret to be kept from me. But they openly gave their local address to Chris Toman. It is here on this letter, an address in San Francisco. I didn't go looking for it, but there it was. I had seen this letter before my conversation with Nancy Rodriguez on 12-1-98. After realizing that he had been given a local address, I asked Ms. Rodriguez if their mailing address was indeed on Folsom Street in San Francisco, to confirm that fact. She reiterated that I must write to Arizona and my letters would be forwarded from there. Note the timing of AT&T Corporate Security's call to me: it was the very next day.

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