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More on the infamous clown letter

The day before, 2-1-98, Ms Burns had also left me a phone message. In that one, she said "I guess I'm the clown who has to take care of the billing problems", and went on to ask me to call her. She gave me her direct extension.

The main points here are:

1) She reacted to my "clown letter" with humour, which was what I'd hoped for. I was just trying to get their attention with that letter, as I was very frustrated with the results of trying to communicate normally.

2) Ms. Burns promised to take care of the billing problems, but she didn't. Nor did she ever put the "adjustments" or "explanations" mentioned here in writing.

Not only that, she had my service cut off again soon after without warning, and I did not hear from her again. At that same moment, my business fax line was out due to cable failure! (That was what led to another frustrated response from me—how would you feel?)

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