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– Ms. Rodriguez threatens to call security if I do not stop asking for answers regarding my service problems, which she refuses to answer. (Note excuse AT&T recently gave the CPUC regarding why security called me.)

– She tells me that AT&T has no control over how Pacific Bell handles their listings, and that AT&T does not provide services such as the local listings except through Pacific Bell. (Of course, Pacific Bell says that AT&T is my local access company and that Pac Bell "cannot initiate changes" to my listings without AT&T's authorization—nor can they research any changes without receiving the Purchase Order Number from AT&T.)

– Having been in contact with Chris Toman, another individual who has a complaint against AT&T, I now happen to know AT&T's local complaints address, which they had freely provided to Mr. Toman on a letter they sent him, and which he showed me. I try to confirm the address. Interestingly, AT&T Security did call me the next day.

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