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Ms. Brown was trying here to help me with another of the chronic directory listing errors. This one involved my residential line (the problems have involved all my lines, sometimes simultaneously). It is interesting to note that she seems to have as much trouble getting ahold of someone to fix it as I do! This transcript forms part of a group with those of 7-23-99, 7-29-99, and 7-30-99, and my letter of 7-29-99.

These days, one of the AT&T excuses for not fixing the problems or compensating me is that they say I should have called their 800 numbers for assistance (e.g., Rodriguez 8-9-99, and CPUC 9-9-99), instead of calling people direct. Mary Brown is one of the people I would get if I called that number and asked for a supervisor, if I could anyone that way, that is.. I have tried calling there and most of the time I am passed around from pillar to post and then and put on hold for so long that the line disconnects. I have rarely been able to talk to anyone at all much less anyone who could or would try to help me. Also, I cannot leave a message at the 800 number when someone is not available. The only way I seem to be able to get assistance is to call the direct number.

Notice that Ms. Brown does not have a problem with my calling her for help. In fact I have found her to be diligent and sincerely helpful, whether or not she has succeeded in fixing the problems.

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