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Here, Ms. Brown calls 411 from her office. What she does not yet realize is that she cannot reach Pacific Bell 411 from her office. No one can reach them from AT&T phones, not the 800 number operators, nor the executives.What they get is their own 411. They have to call from a Pac Bell payphone to check it, as Rod Aguilar finally realized in the past. (See more details about this phenomenon.) I prove that the listing is wrong below.

These transcripts form part of a group with those of 7-20-99, 7-29-99, and 7-30-99, and my letter of 7-29-99.

After receiving this message from Ms. Brown, I called 411 from my own phone to check. When I call it from my phone I do get Pacific Bell 411. When AT&T people call 411 from their offices, this is not what they get.

According to Pacific Bell 411, my listing is still wrong, even though Ms. Brown at AT&T is under the impression that is it correct. So I wrote to her to apprise her of the true situation.

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