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PLEASE NOTE: I HAVE ARCHIVED THIS PAGE AND THE ARTICLES REFERENCED BELOW, IN ORDER TO PRESERVE THEM, for the FBI and other agencies. The OSP site links on this page are real and will take you to the OSP site, but the articles themselves are in our archive. They are the original articles, and contain all their OSP links as well.
 Don McCarty - Archive
Article Title
  JULY 2008 Foreign Battery on Vacant Cable Pairs
  JUNE 2008 Noise Mitigation a Problem?
  MAY 2008 Grinding to a Halt
  APRIL 2008 Diving Deep
  MARCH 2008 Do You Know What You Own?
  FEBRUARY 2008 Readers Questions
  JANUARY 2008 Section Analysis: Digging in the Wrong Spot
  DECEMBER 2007 The Journey From POTS to IPTV
  NOVEMBER 2007 Conditioning a 30-Year-Old Infrastructure for FTTN
  OCTOBER 2007 Safety
  SEPTEMBER 2007 Network Interface Ground

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