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CABLE PAIR INDENTIFICATION 1118 : phone number 925-462-5093

The document on top is a photograph I took on 09/04/01. It is the upper portion of the MLT test document dated 08/31/01, the same day that Pacific Bell Attorney Answered the Complaint, and stated there was nothing wrong with the facilities providing service on my street. The high-resolution color photograph can be downloaded from the website,

Pacific Bell provided the lower document (cropped to fit on this page) in discovery, but concealed the phone numbers. It has the exact same format as the photograph.

Using simple logic of drawing lines to match the photograph to the document provided by Pacific Bell/SBC, it can be proven that cable pair 1118 provided service to my residential phone number, 925-462-5093.

Cable pair 1118 was on a log of defective cable pairs, and it was known to be defective since 1992, and when tested on September 4, 2001, it had the same defect type as it had in 1992. Furthermore, it was easy for the technicians to determine it was defective.

This provided irrefutable proof that Pacific Bell had committed numerous frauds since 1996 to conceal it was knowingly using defective phone lines to my premises. It also proved that Pacific Bell Attorney, Michael Sasser, committed perjury when he Answered the Complaint. Furthermore, it proved that Bob Alex, the regional manager who Testified against me, and stated the facilities to my premises were not worn out, had also committed perjury.

Instead of settling with me for the losses caused by the phone company's negligence, Pacific Bell Attorney, Stephanie Krapf, committed perjury and claimed the phone number is not mine — she claimed it had the last five digits of "85093." Even though I was only person on the document who had "RSA" phone, the Commission refused to acknowledge the "RSA" phone number was mine.
If the Commission had proven this was my phone number, Pacific Bell/SBC (now the "New A&T"), would have been required to pay fines to the California State General Fund that could have exceeded over $100 million, and this would have given me the proof I needed to prevail in a civil suit.

Fraud is not protected by the Statute of Limitiations.

Through this webpage, I am asking the FBI to prove the phone number is mine (925-462-5093), and to file criminal charges against Michael Sasser, Bob Alex, and Stephanie Krapf, for committing perjury.

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