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As a result of the repair work that took place on 09/04/01 (and the photographs I took of the Pacific Bell documents), I asked Pacific Bell for the original documents in a discovery request dated October 18, 2001.

Because the Judge stopped the Discovery process after the first prehearing conference (November 5, 2001), I was not able to obtain the above documents until February 4, 2002 -- a period of 3-1/2 months.

The documents shown above are the MLT test results for all the phone lines in use on my street on 08/31/01.

Of the 13 phone lines that could be tested by the MLT test, only 7 tested as "OK" ("0C" or "CPE OR HIGH RESISTANCE OPEN" is OK)

Even though Pacific Bell concealed the phone numbers from the documents, I knew which cable pairs provided service to me because I was the only person on the above document to have "RSA" service.

Cable pairs 1103, 1118, 1134, and 1141 were all "RSA," and they were used to provide service to me. See: "RSA" Cable pair identification In legal Briefs, Pacific Bell denied that cable pair 1118 provided service to me.

Three of the four "RSA" cable pairs were found to be defective. Cable pairs 1103 and 1141 had a trouble code of "98". According to an MLT expert, trouble code "98" is an indication of multiple troubles.

Cable pair 1118 was on the log of defective cable pairs, and was known to be defective since 1992, and testing on Sept. 4, 2001 proved that cable pair 1118 was still defective.

Further testing on cable pair 1132, by cable splicing technicians using a TDR meter, showed trouble, as noted on the log of defective cable pairs.

In summary, taking into account that cable pair 1132 was found to be defective, only 6 of the 13 Pacific Bell phone lines in use on my street tested OK. Clearly, this is extremely poor service.

The high percentage of defective phone lines, (as well as the use of defective phone lines) gave Pacific Bell (Now the New AT&T) a motive to divert the attention of my complaint about phone service problems, to one where Pacific Bell created fraudulent documentation to claim I was a safety issue. It was a very simple, effective, and illegal tactic, that could never be proven, unless it could be proven that Pacific Bell was knowingly using defective phone lines to me, when Rule 11 was imposed upon me.

Sadly, without the photograph of the log of defective phone lines, and without the FBI determining that cable pair 1118 provided service to me, it can never be legally proven that Pacific was knowingly using defective phone lines to my premises when it invoked Rule 11.


Comcast now provides service to the PORTED-OUT phone numbers. Comcast has now taken over half of the market share on Woodthrush Ct, mostly due to the poor service provided by AT&T.


To see an example of "normal" MLT test results, see the webpage "" Even though the document has purposefully induced faults, the MLT results are way better than the MLT results shown above.

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