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AT&T Internal Document -- New Evidence of Fraud

Internal AT&T Document dated March 16, 2009. Proof of fraud dating back to 1996. Proof of perjury in 2001, 2002, 2003.


Click the image for a high-resolution (300dpi) version of it.



Click the image for a high-resolution (300dpi) version of it.



On March 23, 2009, AT&T was in front of my house for about 4 hours, preparing the neighborhood for U-Verse, AT&T's system to provide TV service through the copper wires. I photographed the documents the technician was using.

On March 23 and March 24, technicians encapsulated the terminals on Woodthrush Ct to prevent problems caused by water intrusion. Encapsulating the terminals didn't prevent problems. Between March 23, 2009 and April 20, 2009, I observed cable splicers restoring service to four different houses, which is remarkably bad considering that AT&T is now only providing service to 10 houses (See: April 20, 21 2009, AT&T cable repair). The following houses called in trouble reports: 4811 Woodthrush Rd, 4788 Woodthrush Ct, 4793 Woodthrush Ct, 4769 Woodthrush Ct. To understand more about water intrusion, see this link: Archived Don McCarty article dated March 2007, OSP Network Solutions


The documents shown above lists all of the available AT&T cable pairs, the addresses of the houses, the current phone numbers, and the available spares.

The cable pairs that are not listed on the document are "defective." The following are known to be defective:

1102, 1103, 1105, 1106, 1107, 1108, 1109, 1112, 1114, 1115, 1118, 1123, 1124, 1128, 1131, 1135, 1138, 1139, 1140, 1142, 1143, 1144, 1145, 1147, 1148, 1150.

The above document has helped provide a history of the 50 cable pairs. See History of 50 cable pairs

Furthermore, because the document lists all the addresses that cable 0807 provided service to, it can be used by law enforcement to determine if an "RSA" phone number with the last five digits of "85093" existed on August 31, 2001 (See: The Fictional Phone Number). The cable provides service to the following addresses:

4798 Mohr Ave, primary pair 1126. (spare 1121). Service Comcast

4811 Woodthrush Road, primary pair 1121. No spares. Service AT&T POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service).

4829 Woodthrush Road, primary pair 1110. No spares. Service Comcast

4713 Woodthrush Court, primary cable pair 1113. No spares. Service AT&T ADSL

4716 Woodthrush Court, primary cable pair 1149. (spares 1125, 1126) Service Comcast

4724 Woodthrush Court, primary pair, 1125. No spares. Service AT&T POTS

4727 Woodthrush Court, primary pair, 1132 (known to be defective, and not used because customer has Comcast), (spare 1111). Service Comcast

4738 Woodthrush Court, primary pair, 1119. No spares. Service AT&T ADSL

4741 Woodthrush Court, primary pair 1116. (spares 1119. 1132, 1134, 1136, 1141). Service Comcast. Cable pair 1141 has history of recurring problems (trouble code 98). Cable pairs 1103, 1118, are all known to be defective, and they provided service to this address. Cable pair 1132 is also known to be defective.

4752 Woodthrush Court, primary pair 1137. (Spare 1133). Service AT&T ADSL

4755 Woodthrush Court, primary pair 1122. (spare 1116). Service AT&T POTS

4766 Woodthrush Court, primary pair 1136. No spares. Service Comcast

4769 Woodthrush Court, primary pair 1104. No spares. Service AT&T ADSL

4777 Woodthrush Court, primary pair 1130. (spares 1104, 1110, 1113, 1120, 1129, 1137). Service AT&T ADSL

4788 Woodthrush Court, primary pair 1129. (spare 1146). Service AT&T ADSL

4793 Woodthrush Court, primary pairs 1101 AT&T ADSL, 1117 AT&T POTS, 1127 AT&T POTS. (two cable pairs switched since Formal Complaint). No Spares.


The document establishes that the Direct Testimony of Bob Alex on Behalf of Pacific Bell Telephone Company, which claimed there were 35 good cable pairs was a complete fabrication. The Log of Defective Cable Pairs I photographed during the Formal Complaint showed that there could be no more than 30 good cable pairs. The document above proves that ALL of the phone lines that were found to be defective in the log of defective cable pairs I photographed during the Formal Complaint, are still defective. In other words, none of the defective cable pairs on the log of defective cable pairs I photographed, had been recovered. It should also be noted that each cable-pair is a very valuable asset to AT&T, and when cable maintenance places a cable pair onto the log of defective cables, it has been thoroughly evaluated, so as not to waste company assets. To be blunt, the documents shown above, dated March 16, 2009, prove that there is no way the Testimony of Bob Alex, which claims that defective cable pairs had been restored to non-defective status, was true. Furthermore, this provides evidence the Testimony was fabricated by the Attorneys who fabricated The Fictional Phone Number.

Since I photographed the log of defective cable pairs, an additional seven pairs (1103, 1107, 1115, 1128, 1138, 1145, 1148) have now been found to be defective. Based on the repair work I observed from March 23, 2009 to April 20. 2009, there could be another four cable pairs labled defective, but AT&T may not be noting them as defective, as part of an ongoing accounting fraud dating back to at least 1996, when the phone company offered me $500 October 17, 1996.


The above document, when compared to other documents I have obtained, confirms that cable pairs which have been found to be defective have been labled as spares, instead of being placed onto the log of defective cable pairs, which is an accounting fraud to conceal the problems in the infrastructure. This corroborates that the repair records were purposefully altered to conceal the problems in the phone lines since 1996. See The Corrupt Judge and Altered Repair Records

The smoking gun, which proves that defective cable pairs are still labeled as spares is cable pair 1132. Cable pair 1132 was on the log of defective cable pairs in 2001, while providing service to 846-7041 at 4713 Woodthrush Ct. Since photographing the MLT document, Cable pair 1132 was found to be defective, and AT&T switched to cable pair 1113 to provide service to 846-7041. Cable pair 1132 should have been placed on the log of defective cable pairs, but to conceal problems, 1132 is now listed as the cable pair designated to 4727 Woodthrush Ct. which now receives service through Comcast because of problems with AT&T. 4727 Woodthrush Ct is next door to me. 4713 Woodthrush is next door to 4727 Woodthrush Ct.

It should also be noted that cable pair 1132 was (and is) designated as a spare cable pair for the service box (SB) at my address, 4741 Woodthrush Ct. During the Formal Complaint, AT&T stated that cable pair 1132 was never used to provide service to my address. In Pacific Bell's Response to M. Knell's Application for Rehearing, Pacific Bell (now AT&T) stated (page 7):

In his Application for Rehearing, Complainant claims that SBC California perjured itself in asserting the foregoing. He also claims that the Decision should be reversed because it did not address the fact … that Pacific was providing service through two defective cable pairs (1118 and 1132). Complainant is wrong. Complainant's insistence that SBC California "was providing service through two defective cable pairs" is not fact by any means; rather, it is Complainant's conjecture.

Complainant and SBC California each addressed the evidence and presented their arguments on this issue. As SBC California addressed in its Response to Complainant's Appeal of the Presiding Officer's Decision, nothing in the record establishes that SBC California ever provided service to Complainant's TN 925-462-5093 via cable pairs 1118 or 1132. Complainant obviously disagrees. Complainant's disagreement, however, does not mean that the Commission erred in rejecting Complainant's interpretation.


Nine out of sixteen houses receiving service through the cable only have one available pair. The document establishes that the following addresses had only one available cable pair (no spare cable pairs): 4713 Woodthrush Ct, 4724 Woodthrush Ct, 4727 Woodthrush Ct (cable pair 1132, listed as a spare, is defective), 4738 Woodthrush Ct, 4769 Woodthrush, 4788 Woodthrush Ct, 4811 Woodthrush Rd, 4829 Woodthrush Rd.

One former neighbor, who had two phone lines, wrote a declaration about the phone service problems she had on her second line. The above document establishes that there was only one good cable pair to her house. Declaration of bad service by former neighbor. -- the document above, dated 03/16/09, corroborates that there was only one good cable pair to that address.

Another former neighbor, who lived at 4788 Woodthrush Ct, also declared, under penalty of perjury, that she had noisy phone lines, and that when she switched to Comcast, the problem went away

4811 Woodthrush Rd was not listed on the document, but on Tuesday, April 7, 2009, the residents lost phone service. According to the residents at 4811 Woodthrush Rd, AT&T was not able to repair the line until Saturday, April 11, 2009. Using the MLT documement dated August 31, 2001, and this photograph, it can be proven they received service through cable pair 1121, which, at the time, had a "cross to a working pair."


Making a map of the available cable pairs confirms what I could never prove during the Formal Complaint. At the end of Woodthrush Ct, where I live, prior to Comcast providing phone service, there were no available non-defective cable pairs. The fact that AT&T provided service to my premises through Cable Pair 1118 and the fact that cable pair 1132 is floating around, as a cable pair for 4727 and 4741 Woodthrush Ct, (but not 4713 Woodthrush Ct, which previously received service through cable pair 1132) confirms that fact.


Map of Woodthrush Ct. Cable Pairs

Pacific Bell Respoonse to Data Request, October 1, 2001


The above document also provides more information I was not aware of during the Formal Complaint. The cable provides service to three houses outside of Woodthrush Ct.

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