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Congressmen McNerney

Congressman McNerney

I voted for Congressman McNerney in the last election. I went to his office, and asked for help. I asked that his staff look at the high-resolution photograph of the phone number, and come to the conclusion that the Attorney lied, and then ask the FBI to investigate the criminal act of fraud, which is within FBI jurisdiction.

Almost immediately, Mcnerney's staff told me this was not within federal jurisdiction.

I let McNerney's staff know that according to the letter from the State Attorney General, my complaint about the Commission is not within the State's jurisdiction, as the State Attorney General has to represent State Workers and State Agencies.

It should be noted that I had already contacted the Bureau of State Audits, which sent a letter to me dated December 24, 2008. It should be noted that according to the Bureau of State Audits website,, the State Auditor lacks enforcement powers.


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