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An Internal phone company document that could only be obtained through photography


The phone company internal document noted above has similarities to the Tabacco company internal documents which proved the Tabacco companies knew that nicotine was additive, and was liable for health problems caused by cigarette smoking. This story was told in the movie, "The Insider."

The document has similarities to the PG&E internal documents which proved PG&E knowingly poisoned people who lived in the town of Hinkley with a chemical which leaked into the water system, while telling the citizens of Hinkley, that the chemical was good for them. This story was told in the Movie, "Erin Brockovitch."

The document also has similarities to the internal Pacific Bell Telephone Company document Jeff Elkins found, which proved Pacific Bell was purposefully sabotaging his Resale business (See: ANTITRUST FUNDS). The phone company settled with Jeff Elkins, and as part of the settlement, nobody is allowed to see the internal document. As a person who received Resale service through defective phone lines, I believe I have the right to see that document. And I also believe the Government has an obligation to investigate, and expose the fact that phone company executives purposefully sabotaged resale service, which ultimately, affected consumers of phone service.

The document photographed above proves the phone company, now known as the "New AT&T," knowingly used defective phone lines to me, while claiming there was nothing wrong with the phone lines. Despite the fact that claiming the phone number is not mine is a criminal act, which requires Law Enforcement to get involved, nobody in Government or Law Enforcement is willing to acknowledge the existence of the above document.

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