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Another act of perjury


Pacific Bell filed a motion to get the complaint dismissed by stating that I didn't have an account with Pacific Bell.

Line 2 on the above document very clearly states:

"Mike Knell, dba JTR Publishing, is not a current customer of Pacific Bell."

As the above bill proves, I did have a Pacific Bell Account, in exactly the same name, and business name (and address) as Ginger Henry swore that I didn't have. I had the account since May of 2000, and Pacific Bell overcharged me on the installation.

Ginger Henry committed Perjury. She is a lazy, sloppy executive, who did not even bother to check the facts before she signed a document, under penalty of perjury.

Likewise, the Attorney who filed the motion (and most likely, wrote the Declaration of Ginger Henry), was just as lazy and sloppy.

The Judge stated the Perjury issue was moot.

The phone bill is important, because Pacific Bell had over charged on the installation, by charging me for two phone jacks, instead of one. The Commission Ruled that Pacific Bell owed me a refund. Pacific Bell promised to refund the money in 2003, but as of 2008, I have not received a penny. This is another example of lazy, sloppy behavior by the legal department.

As a result of failing to comply with a Commission Order, the State is legally obligated to fine Pacific Bell (Now the New AT&T) $500 per day, minimum, since ordering Pacific Bell to refund the money. The maximum fine would be $20,000 per day.

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