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The Answer to the Formal Complaint (and the first act of perjury)


On 08/31/01, Pacific Bell/SBC Attorney, Michael Sasser, Answered the Complaint, under penalty of perjury.

On page 3 of the Answer to the Complaint, Michael Sasser stated:

Pacific further avers that the underground facilities providing service in the area of Complainant's residence are neither worn out nor in need of replacement.

Mr. Sasser could not make claims about the condition of the underground facilities, unless Mr. Sasser had the test results of the phone lines to my premises, as well as the log of defective phone lines, as shown above.

The documents shown above prove Michael Sasser committed perjury. Cable pair 1118 provided service to my phone number 925-485-0461 and cable pair 1132 provided service two houses away from me. The trouble code 98, which was on both of my business phone lines, indicated that there were multiple troubles on my business phone lines. See: Trouble Code 98: Two acts of Perjury, two acts of Obstruction of Justice, and Eleven Years of Defective phone lines .

The trouble code 98 that was on both of my business phone lines, combined with the fact that Pacific Bell was already using cable pairs 1118 and 1132 to my premises and to my neighbors house was proof that Pacific Bell had already run out of non-defective phone lines in 1996. This proves that Michael Sasser committed perjury.

Furthermore, if Mr. Sasser Answered the Complaint, without knowing the test results, that would also be perjury. The fact is, Mr. Sasser committed perjury.

It is because of Mr. Sasser's criminal conduct, as an Officer of the Court, which has prevented me from recovering losses as a result of the phone company violating public utility laws, that I am offering a $10,000 reward, to the first person who can get the State or Federal Government to prove that cable pair 1118 provided service to my premises, provided this results in Michael D. Sasser going to prison for committing perjury. The reward will be paid within 30 days of Mr. Sasser being put in prison.

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