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The Answer to the Formal Complaint (and the second act of perjury)


On 08/31/01, Pacific Bell/SBC Attorney, Michael Sasser, Answered the Complaint, under penalty of perjury

On page 4 of the Answer to the Complaint, Mr. Sasser stated:

Pacific avers that it has written documentation from employees who conducted work at Complainant's premises that Complainant complained about Pacific Bell technicians who had worked on his lines, that Complainant stated he wanted to kill someone from Pacific, and that he wanted the employees to pass the message to Pacific's management that he was "psycho."

The fact that cable pair 1118 provided service to me during the time period Pacific Bell claims I threatened to kill people proves that Michael Sasser knew the documents claiming I threatened to kill phone company employees had no credibility, because the primary document, written by the man who offered me $2000 in 1996 and 1997, claimed there had never been any problems on my phone lines after the DAML was removed in November 1996.

When Mr. Sasser Answered the Complaint, he knew I couldn't prove the documents were fraudulent. In his mind, he had nothing to lose by claiming I threatened to kill people.

It was only after I photographed the log of defective cable pairs, and could compare it with the MLT document that I could prove that Pacific Bell created fraudulent documentation to claim my phone lines tested ok, when they were known to be defective.

When Mr. Sasser saw the photographs at the first prehearing conference (November 5, 2001), he broke out in a cold sweat, indicating he knew what the documents meant. At the time, I didn't know what the documents could prove.

After I photographed the log of defective cable pairs, Pacific Bell never again mentioned that Rule 11 was imposed upon me because I threatened to kill people or threatened its employees with bodily harm. Instead, Pacific Bell claimed it imposed Rule 11 upon me because I was an "annoyance."

Who would create fictional documents claiming I threatened to kill people? The same people who would create a fictional phone number -- the phone company Attorneys.

The fact that Stephanie Krapf denied that cable pair 1118 provided service to me links the legal department with creating the documentation claiming I threatened to kill its employees. If Pacific Bell technicians or managers had violated laws, Pacific Bell attorneys would not put themselves at risk, unless they were linked to the violations.

Unless Mr. Sasser can get phone company employees to sign declarations that they wrote the documents claiming I threatened to kill phone company employees, Mr. Sasser will be left holding the bag. Anybody who would sign a declaration would face serious legal action for committing fraud and libel for the simple fact that the documents also claimed my phone lines tested ok.

It is because of Mr. Sasser's criminal conduct, of abusing his power, as an Officer of the Court, to claim I threatened to kill phone company employees, when he knew the documentation had no credibility, that I am offering a $10,000 reward, to the first person who can get the State or Federal Government to prove that cable pair 1118 provided service to my premises, provided this results in Michael D. Sasser going to prison for committing perjury. The reward will be paid within 30 days of Mr. Sasser being put in prison on charges that he knowing provided false information, as fact, when he knew the documents had no credibility.

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