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Industry Expert, Don McCarty Speaks at OSP Expo About the Deterioration of Telco's Outside Plant and its Impact on Broadband

NEWBERG, Ore. -- McCarty Products:

--Can the Telco's Fix the Problem and at What Cost?

Don McCarty, President and CEO of McCarty Products and regular expert columnist for Outside Plant Magazine will lead a training session at OSP Expo and will discuss the aging cable infrastructure, its long term impact if changes aren't implemented immediately and the types of changes that can effectively turn around this state of the embedded cable infrastructure. The conference will be held in Ft. Worth, Texas, November 15-17, 2005.

McCarty has taught outside plant cable maintenance for more than 30 years and in that time has seen the dependency on paired cooper cable grow from simple telephone to additional services, fax lines to Broadband IP Protocol. With more than $170 billion US of embedded paired copper conductor telephone cable in place, and the high cost of installing fiber, it makes sense that we should maximize our existing plant because it is capable of providing the services people want at the lowest cost point. Unfortunately, many of the Telco's have short-changed the maintenance end of the business for so long that much of our cable is not suitable for even quality phone services, never mind Broadband services.

"The large Telco's have always had the best opportunity to provide everything the customer needs from land lines to cell phones to all types of Broadband services including VoIP and IPTV," said McCarty. "Unfortunately, beginning with the break up of the Bell Operating Company in 1984 and the new accountability to short term thinking investors, there was little money spent on outside plant maintenance. Technicians received little, if any training; they had old equipment and, added to that, they were put under the pressure of completing as many jobs in a shift as possible. The result was that good, proactive technical work was not encouraged because it would take longer complete a job ticket than a quick "cut to clear" job. Cutting-to-clear and improper maintenance is the demise of our copper infrastructure."

McCarty goes on to say, "Imagine if you were replacing a bad stair on your porch and in the process found several bad planks in the porch but you left them until they broke through completely." That's what's happened in outside plant and that's why it's in such bad shape. The technician goes in, takes the fastest route to a clear line and rushes off to the next case of trouble. It's not his choice--he'd like to do a good job. It is how his management forces him to work. And management, unfortunately, is stuck with decreasing budgets and shareholders breathing down their neck who are focused on short term profit."

Technical Discussion at OSP Expo

During his technical course at OSP Expo, McCarty will discuss how to turnaround the poor conditions of the outside plant through preventative maintenance and using correct repair procedures at every repair call including:

--Identifying foolproof procedures for finding faults in buried cable and how to repair them

--Identifying problems with bad cable sections and a proactive program for cable repair

--Identifying and repairing circuit design faults and their effect on bandwidth

--Identifying and repairing power influence problems in outside plant and its effect on bandwidth

--Identifying power problems in the home and its effect on bandwidth

--Identifying interferers in the home, such as cordless telephones, baby monitors and other customer wireless equipment

--Identifying and repairing problems with interferers such as AM radio and ham radio and it's effect on bandwidth

--Identifying disturbers in the cables such as T1 and HDSL and their effect on bandwidth

--Proactive procedures for quality IP service to the customer

If you are interested in more information about McCarty's session or his company go to . For more information about OSP Expo, please go to The conference will be held in Fort Worth, Texas at the Fort Worth Convention Center on November 15-17, 2005

About McCarty Products

Donald McCarty, McCarty Products Inc., has been consulting, training and working in the field in outside plant for more than 39 years. He has been writing an "expert" column for OSP Magazine for the past 18 years and been a guest speaker for many industry conferences. Today, Donald's focus is on delivering "tools based" courses that solve the broadband deployment and noise issues faced by all Telco's today. For more information go to or call 831-818-3930. To read articles by McCarty, go to

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