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Compare this to the July 27, 2001 response that AT&T made to the FCC, and see my comments there. The CPUC letter below, relays "responses" from AT&T, which contain no straight answers and are full of personal attacks on me.

In any case, this letter does at least confirm that my phone line outage problems have not been resolved, but have continued into the year 2001.

It should be noted that in response to Question #2, AT&T's Rules stating that I could only communicate with AT&T through calls to the Toll Free Customer Service Number was illegal. By law, AT&T was required to provide me with a business mailing address when I asked for it.

It should be noted, that in the response below, AT&T admitted an F2 cable was found to be defective. By the time Testimony was served, the repair records has been altered to claim that there was no trouble found. The Commission was unconcerned about the altered repair repair -- stating it was irrelevant. Federal law requires that the repair records have to be accurate, which is why I have asked the FBI to investigate the altered repair records. Altered Repair Records During the Complaint and Obstruction of Justice

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