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AT&T response to the FCC's inquiry as a result of my Congresswoman's request. This answer confirms in writing some of the directory listing and telephone line problems I experienced with my service between September 2000 and March 2001, when adjustments were made to my bill.

It should be noted that during the Formal Complaint, Pacific Bell had altered the repair records to conceal the problems it admitted to in the letter shown below. Altered Repair Records

AT&T did not want to explain, in writing, why the adjustments were made when I asked the question through the CPUC. I did not ask such questions to be frivolous, I asked because the answers support the service problems and/or directory problems and/or billing problems, have been chronic literally for years, having never been resolved through 2008, and continue to the present time, despite AT&T's frequent assertions to the contrary.

Please see also the CPUC letter of April 27, 2001 for comparison.

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