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My formal complaint documents, filed with the CPUC—

(F.1) 2. Details of the complaint. Page 1

I work out of my home, I pay for commercial phone service, and I continually have phone service problems-- especially after it rains. According to the phone company technicians who have been to my house, the wires buried in the street are worn out and need to be replaced.

Pacific Bell offered me $2000 in Nov. 96, for the service outages, but Pacific Bell won’t fix the problem

I complained to the PUC about the problem and Pacific Bell then accused me of threatening its employees with bodily harm. Pacific Bell invoked Rule 11, and rescinded the $2000 offer. (about two years later, I asked the PUC to find out who I allegedly threatened with bodily harm. Pacific Bell could find no such record, nor could Pacific Bell find any police reports).

I switched to AT&T (which simply resells Pacific Bell local phone service) and I’m still having service problems, especially after it rains. Pacific Bell denies that there is a problem. AT&T officials say they cannot make Pacific Bell fix the phone lines.

An AT&T executive told me I’m losing service because of the rain, and he suggested that I move to a commercial location.

Now, my phone listings keep changing, without my knowledge or consent. My business listings have repeatedly been made unlisted, so people think I have gone out of business. Also, my home address has repeatedly been published in the phone books, and in 411 and AT&T “00” Directory Information. My home address should never be given out by 411 and AT&T “00” operators. My phone listings have now been made unlisted or incorrect over 30 (thirty) times. The phone companies have taken as long as 5 weeks to fix my listings after I notified AT&T about the problems with my listings.

AT&T has refused to provide confirmation letters to explain changes to my service or listings, or to explain credits/adjustments to my phone bills.

My service has been illegally restricted numerous times, without any notice, and even when the account is fully paid. It appears to happen after contact with the “executive complaint team”.

AT&T says it’s Pacific Bell’s fault that my listings keep changing, and Pacific Bell says its AT&T’s fault that my listings keep changing. Both companies claim they cannot determine why or when my listings changed. I pay for additional business listings, and I have asked Pacific Bell and AT&T if the billing records could be used for finding out when my listings changed, and who is responsible, but Pacific Bell told me I had to ask AT&T, and AT&T refuses to answer the question in a direct manner.

(F1) 2. Details of the complaint. Page 2

In August, 1998, AT&T executives asked me to communicate by fax or mail, but refused to acknowledge receiving faxes, and refused to provide a mailing address. On Dec. 1, 1998, I asked AT&T Executive Complaint Manager Nancy Rodriguez, if her business mailing address was 795 Folsom St. She said it wasn’t, and the following day, on Dec. 2, 1998, I received a call from AT&T Corporate Security. When I told the Security Officer that the call was being recorded, he could not provide a reasonable explanation for calling me.

In March, 1999, I asked the Executive Complaint Team why I was reported to Corporate Security, and I received an anonymous letter, dated March 16, 1999, signed by, “Executive Complaint Team”. The letter demanded that all communication be in writing, essentially invoking Rule 11. Nobody has admitted to writing the letter.

AT&T Corporate Security sent a three-page letter (dated June 9, 2000) that basically stated, “We are aware of the problems with listings and service outages, but you cannot complain to management about the recurring problems.” The letter directed me to call only the “800” numbers for customer service.

Since receiving the letter from AT&T Corporate Security (dated June 9, 2000), I have continued to experience recurring service outages, problems with my listings changing, and recurring overbilling problems that do not get fixed by calling the “800” numbers directed to me by AT&T Corporate Security.

I emailed AT&T Corporate Security about the recurring problems (January 19, 2001), and asked what I should do about the recurring problems. I received a letter dated January 24, 2001, from AT&T Attorney, Rosalie E. Johnson, which stated if I ever call, fax, or email anyone other than the people at the “800” customer service numbers, my service would be disconnected. 5 days later, on January 29, 2001 my business fax line was having problems. Pac Bell said the line tested perfectly. On Jan. 30, 2001, my business fax line had no dial tone. According to AT&T and Pac Bell, the service outage was due to a defective F2 cable. An F2 cable is the wire buried in the street. Since January 30, 2001, I still experience recurring problems on my business phone line, especially after it rains.

It is my understanding that AT&T attorney, Rosalie E. Johnson, and Bob Kargoll, had gone to the commissioner’s office and told the commissioner and his staff that there were no problems with my listings.

On, or around, December 15, 2000, a jury awarded Caltech International, a company which resells Pacific Bell phone service, damages of over 1 million dollars. According to the verdict, Pacific Bell was found guilty of sabotaging resale phone service, and this included problems with phone listings. I have asked AT&T if this has anything to do with the problems I have experienced, and nobody at AT&T will discuss it.


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