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Correspondence by email with AT&T attorney Darlene M. Clarke.

The email from Darlene Clark provides evidence that she commited perjury when she Answered the Formal Complaint and stated that listings problems were "long since resolved."

Darlene Clark was aware of the recurring listings problems, as evidenced by her knowledge of the Rose Johnson letter. The Rose Johnson letter (January 24, 2001) was an illegal act to conceal ongoing listing problems, and Rose Johnson knew about the recurring listing problems.

It would be an easy matter for the FBI to contact employees who worked with Ms. Clarke to determine if she was involved in Answering informal Complaints regarding my listings problems, and if she had ordered employees to refuse to put corrections to my listings in writing, to conceal the recurring problems. If this was the case, then it would prove Ms. Clark committed perjury when she Answered the Formal Complaint.

When I spoke with Ms. Clark (during the Formal Complaint), she seemed very nervous, an indication she was involved in the cover-ups of the listings problems.

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