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Seventeen minutes after receiving the faxed letter below from Ms. Rodruiguez, I was telephoned by Mr. Dave Darlington, of AT&T Corporate Security, who called me at Ms. Rodruiguez' request.

(Well, actually, I received it another 5 minutes after that. You see, my fax phone line was so bad the fax from the phone company could not even get through the first time. Below is the first try, followed by the one that made it. I expect their fax machine gave an error report and they tried to send it again.

This happens often on my line. As I keep saying, the lines are often so awful that faxes have trouble getting through. I have saved a number of these examples (see 3-12-99 for another one).

This sort of thing happens to my customer orders too. I get partial faxes the time. Customers often call me to find out if I got their order, when they notice an "error" in their fax reports. I suppose that's all right for the phone company more calls, more money for them.)

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