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When this letter was written, my business numbers had been made unlisted or incorrect four separate times that I knew of, without any notification from AT&T, nor any redress or compensation for my lost income. The fourth time, it took AT&T more than one month to list my business number! No one can tell me how long the number was unlisted, when it started, or who is doing it. And as far as AT&T is concerned the matter has been satisfied? (See letter below) I ask you!

As of November 18, 1999 the listings for my phone numbers have been removed or contained errors five more times, for a total of nine! I would like to know why and how they keep being changed. When they have been corrected, why don't they stay that way? How can they keep changing unless someone is causing them to change? And how come so many errors are made entering my data in the first place?

I pay extra to have all my business names listed so that customers can easily find me. But when they can't get my number and they need something right away even old customers will go to my competitors. I have been in business for ten years, but when my numbers are no longer listed, people conclude that I have gone out of business. Sometimes a customer who knows me will be persistent and I then find out what happened. But of course new customers go to my competitors!

In addition, the only way I can find out if my numbers are correctly listed is to call 411 or 00 ATT myself, and I am also charged for that! AT&T will not credit me for these necessary directory calls, nor for the long distance calls I make to their customer service departments. Nor is there credit for the time the numbers are unlisted or wrong. AT&T says it can't determine when the numbers were made unlisted, and Pac Bell operators tell me it is the fault of AT&T.

Here are the last four examples:

6-9-99: Jaguars That Run is no longer listed in the Pacific Bell 411 directory, and my parts business, Stealth Conversions, is not listed in 00 ATT. Because I record calls to protect myselt, AT&T's "Executive Complaint Team" will not fix this problem over the phone and tells me to write to an Arizona address. Eventually, after several hours of making phone calls, an operator at Corporate Headquarters in New Jersey says he will get the listings corrected.

6-21-99: a customer says he could not get my number from 00 ATT. I call and find Jaguars That Run and JTR Publishing are not listed. Stealth Conversions is now listed, but the only address is an incorrect zipcode (there should be a P.O. Box address).

6-24-99: 00 ATT gives my number for JTR Publishing as 925-468-3619. The correct number is 925-462-3619

7-12-99: Now my residential number is unlisted in Pacific Bell's 411 directory!

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