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Hmmm. Another "final response".

The "matter unrelated to [...] billing or services issues," to which they refer in the first paragraph, is the little question of why an officer from AT&T Corporate Security telephoned me. (Note: I received this in apparent response to a telephone message I had left, asking why AT&T Corporate Security was asked to call me.) See transcripts of my conversations with the AT&T security officer who called me.

This letter bears the anomymous signature "Executive Complaint Team." I guess if I'd written this kind of a letter, I'd want to remain anonymous too!

They also wanted to force me to write to an office in Arizona, although they are located in San Francisco. I did not search out this information. It came my way when I was in communication with Chris Toman, another businessman who has lodged a complaint against AT&T after they harmed his business by taking away his 800 number. They gave him the San Francisco office address. I suppose they didn't find him as "annoying."

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