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When I first found out my business phone numbers had become unlisted and reported it, Executive Appeals officer J.B. Miller called and told me the deletion of my business phone numbers was entirely the fault of Pacific Bell. He asked me to sign the statement below (written by AT&T), because the AT&T legal department would go after Pacific Bell and get the money I'd lost for me.

I immediately did so, thinking that AT&T was going to back me up. I was so happy that finally someone was going to help me after the previous poor service I'd received. (I had switched to AT&T from Pacific Bell because of chronic service loss due to cable failures.) Little did I know!

Please note that AT&T wrote, "...the problem [was] corrected by AT&T, even though it took several days." Later, it would take as long as 5 weeks to get listings corrected.

Have you had similar experiences or been asked to sign a statement such as this? If you have, I'd like very much to hear from you. You can use this link to e-mail me.

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