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This is a history of my telephone line problems that I provided to J.B. Miller of AT&T. I mistakely believed that AT&T would back me up with regard to the cable failures and poor lines, being a sort of customer of Pacific Bell as well (their local service runs off Pac Bell cable, of course). I requested that my lines be tested by someone other than Pacific Bell.

I told this story so many times, with the hope that the new person would help me. What a disappointment it always turned out to be!

Note that I complained about poor service on my modem line. Less than four weeks later, I lost service on my modem line due to cable failure (9-17-97). J.B. Miller and his boss were absolutely knowledgeable about the failure, but refused to acknowledge in writing that the line had failed, and they refused to credit my account for the time it was out of service.

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