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Say what? Mr. Bunse writes to inform me Pacific Bell won't change cable under the street because they have "not determined cable to be the cause of the repair problems" in my area. Am I missing something? How could he even accept Pac Bell's so-called explanation, much less pass it along to me!

What about all the times cable failure was reported and documented as such? What about these cable failures, for example: 9-17-97 Letter, 1997-1998 Repair History, and the 2-18-98, 2-28-98, and 3-2-98 transcripts (three conversations with AT&T operators and telephone repair people who tell me candidly the outages I am experiencing at the time are due to failure of Pacific Bell cable).

In addition, I kept careful notes starting with the third service outage experienced when I was a Pacific Bell customer (September 1996). Pacific Bell repair technicians who came to the house told me it was cable failure. I collected their business cards as well. Cable Supervisor Luigi Asuncion was most definite that the problems were cable related (see transcript, 9-16-96). There was also the documented times Pacific Bell cable splicer M. Norwood came out and repaired the cable, August 3, 1996 and September 16, 1996.

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