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This letter refers to a conversation between myself and Pacific Bell East Bay Service Operations Regional Manager Rick Resnick, and a fax I had sent him confirming the content of our phone conversation. Previously, Pacific Bell repair technicians had told me that the 25+ year old cable under the street was worn out. I said this to Resnick and he replied they "didn't know what they were talking about" (according to my notes).

In this letter, Resnick denies having said what he did and says there could have been a "mis-diagnosis" or miscommunication. Whose misdiagnosis, Mr. Resnick? Yours or theirs? I don't believe the repair technicians ever misdiagnosed anything — they were indeed professional and well-trained!

A couple more points: Resnick refuses to provide me with a repair history for my phone lines. Why is it proprietary, I ask, what are they hiding? (See AT&T Repair History. I did manage to get one from AT&T, although it only covers a period beginning with my joining AT&T, and they told me that Pacific Bell had no repair history for me! Still, it shows cable failures.)

Finally, Resnick says here that he is confident I won't have any more outages since the 2-pair buried drop cable feeding my house was replaced [and the DAML removed]. In his letter of November 22, 3rd paragraph, he said the 2-pair buried drop (a cable) was never faulty, nor does he admit the DAML was faulty. Then iin February 1997, he told me the 2-pair buried drop was faulty. But when AT&T later tested it, it tested okay. This is a part of their story they kept changing. So what caused my problems, Rick, the cable in the street perhaps? Gasp! According to repair people who serviced my lines, it was probably the cable in the street. The fact is, I am still having outages now, more than 2 years later!

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