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Background to this set of letters:

According to my notes, Resnick and I had a telephone conversation earlier this same day, in which he told me the reason I had been losing service was that the 2-pair drop from the house to the street had been bad. He said that M. Norwood had told me that when the trench was dug to replace it (November 4-5, 1996). I replied this was impossible, as I had been away— at a funeral most of the first day and at car convention in Nevada the next day (in fact, I had asked them not to do it on these days, knowing I would not be there, but they came anyhow).

Because of what he had just said about the 2-pair buried drop being bad, I told him, "Let me turn the recorder on." Resnick seemed to panic at that point, saying "I heard you turn on the recorder. That's illegal," and he hung up. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, Mr. Resnick!

Not long after that, I received the first document below, a fax-back of my letter, with Resnick's note written on it. He evidently wanted to get his own version of our conversation on record! (Note that he did not, however, address any of my questions.) I responded with the two following faxes (below). I wanted it on record that he had told me the 2-pair buried drop was at fault this time. I also wanted it to be acknowledged that M. Norwood had repaired my phone line on August 3, and I included the business card I had received from her that day in the fax. (Ms. Standen is Rick Resnick's supervisor. For her response to my questions, see March 4, 1997.)

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