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Here is Mr. Resnick telling AT&T's Mr. Bunse that my March 2, 1998 outage was caused by a copper termination job. (What is that, anyhow? I asked for an explanation of "copper termination job", but according to Mike Bunse at AT&T, Resnick would not return calls.) But I have a transcript of the call in which I reported the March 2 outage. An AT&T operator had Pacific Bell technicians run a loop test while I waited, and she told me the test showed the outage was due to a cable failure. Whom would you believe?

As for the "subsequent" reports, on which they worked "jointly," I think Resnick must be referring to the March 7 test record. I wanted tests made by someone other than Pacific Bell, and this test by AT&T occurred. The technician tested the 2-pair buried drop, which was still there even though Pacific Bell had replaced it with a 5-pair buried drop when they removed their DAML from my house. It was found to be okay. Although at first Pacific Bell said the 2-pair buried drop was not the problem, in February (three months after the DAML and 2-Pair buried drop were replaced with the 5-pair buried drop) they changed their story to say the 2-pair buried drop was intermittently faulty. I believe they just keep trying to divert attention from the cables under the street. But the fact is, the 2-pair buried drop cannot have been the cause of it all, because I continued to get documented cable-failure outages after it was disconnected in November 1996, and I still get them now!

I have to wonder, do they cook up letters like the one below between them? Why do managers of both phone companies keep denying the chronic nature of the cable problems in my area? Mr. Bunse himself wrote to me after this simply to inform me Pacfic Bell would not ohange the cables under the street as they had determined the cables were not the problem.

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