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This is a nice bit of double speak in response to questions I asked Ms. Standen in my letter of February 25, 1996.

In the second paragraph, she states that the 2 pair buried drop was working properly, yet was having intermittent difficulties supporting the DAML unit. How can it be working properly and having intermittent difficulties? Something is working properly or it isn't, no? And is this my fault? Why would I have to provide the trenching to replace Pacific Bell equipment that was having difficulties in this instance, yet they can come and dig up my property whenever it suits them for other maintenance activities?

My own gut feeling is that Tim Taylor delayed removal of the DAML because I had not signed the Claim Release form he sent me on October 17, 1996. I believe he was most likely told not to by his supervisor, Resnick. She does admit Taylor could have acted in a more timely manner, but she still frames this repair as a favor done for me by Pacific Bell, when actually it was supposedly to be done to provide me, the paying customer, with reliable telephone service. NOT, as Ms. Standen claims, to provide me with more services!

Standen does admit in the 4th paragraph that it took several days to send a technician in July 1996 (though she doesn't go so far as to admit they sent two technicians who were not qualified to do the repair, and it took nine days for that to happen! (see notes, 11-22-96) Note that according to a letter from the PUC dated 9-22-97, Pac Bell claims to have sent a repair person to my house earlier, on July 27, 1996. No repair person came at all until the 29th.

She also admits that cable splicing technician Mary Norwood repaired my service on August 3, but I wonder if she would have, had I not provided my own evidence of it.

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