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This letter was initiated by a call I received from Douglas Phason of Pac Bell. Mr. Phason told me he was calling me at the request of AT&T. I asked for the name of the person who had requested the call, and Mr. Phason said he would not tell me. I asked if Mr. Aguilar made the request, and Mr. Phason confirmed that Aguilar did make the request.

In this letter (and the one or 9-13-99), at least Pacific Bell clearly states that all changes to my local directory listings must come from AT&T, because PB cannot initiate changes without a Purchase Order from AT&T. Pac Bell's Mr. Phason also says PB can't research the changes without AT&T's Purchase Order Number (PON). I have been told that I would have to subpoena AT&T to get the PON numbers. But surely they would shed light on when my directory listings have been made incorrect, and for how long.

In this letter advising me of correction to my address as requested by AT&T, Pacific Bell provides me with the information it had received from AT&T, and the information is WRONG. I then faxed a copy of this letter to AT&T, asking them to get it corrected. It would be laughable if it were not so frustrating!

(It is interesting to note that Mr. Aguilar's name comes up in this letter, because Mr. Aguilar almost always tells me to call somebody other than him when dealing with phone problems. Yet Aguilar almost always seems to be involved with my phone service problems. Note that in the last paragraph Mr. Phason asked Mr. Aguilar to call me. But Mr. Aguilar did not call me.)

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