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Hmmm... This is interesting. I found it on my door on 4-21-97. Looks like it is the phone company's responsibility when they dig on my property to "maintain [their] facilities" and provide "up-to-date communication services" if they are the ones who instigate it. I guess it's only my responsibility when they dig on my property to fix their equipment if I am the one to ask for reliable service!

I went to City Hall to ask about phone problems in my neighborhood due to cable failures. A City official told me the phone lines in my neighborhood are bad, because of the age of the cable and the soil movement caused by rain and tree roots.

I looked up the permit issued for the work referenced in this door hanger. It says "Repair cable under sidewalk" (see below) This was some work they were doing on the sidewalk in front of my house.

It is ludicrous that the phone company gets permits to "repair cable under sidewalk" while at the same time management tells me that, "...never at any time were Pacific Bell cables at fault."

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