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Para 1:
Why am I so keen to exhaust my remedies informally, rather than jump into a formal complaint? What this does not explain is how time consuming those forms will be to fill out. I will require the CPUC's assistance with them, too, and will have to go up to their offices. I am very concerned that the formal complaint process will be as much of a joke as the informal process.

In addition, the forms themselves state that one MUST file an informal complaint first, with all documentation! That is what I am trying to do.

Also, the CPUC has responded to few of my inquiries so far, even informally.

Para 2:

So why did she wait more than three months to call Security?

And what about her 12-1-98 threat to call Security if I did not stop asking for answers to my service problem questions? This took place the day before Security called me.

I think this was the reason, and that I had just asked if the AT&T address was really in San Francisco, not Mesa, Arizona. AT&T had decided I was not to have the SF address. I did not seek it. The only reason I knew it, was that AT&T had given it to the complainant in a different case against them, and he communicated with me. AT&T knew I had been in communication with him.

For the record, I include here a list of direct dialed phone calls including the single call that I made to her home number.

I was only trying to find out if she'd received a letter I'd faxed. She had called me from that number and it was recorded by my Caller ID service. I did not realize she had called me from a home number.

In her fax dated August 26, 1998 Rodriguez made a point of indicating which phone number I should use. I only called her home number one time (on August 24, 1998), and I never called that number again.

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