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As I have said (e.g., 10-14-98), I have not been able to get assistance at the 800 number. When I call there, I am given a runaround, no one can help me, and I am often placed on hold for twenty minutes and longer, until the phone line disconnects itself. I cannot leave voicemail messages at the 800 number, either, when people are not available.

In addition, they have not taken into account the charges for calling 411 and 00 directory assistance that I have incurred. I must call these numbers regularly to find out if my listings have been changed or dropped again, which happens often. As a note, the 800 operators cannot check the Pacific Bell 411 listings for me, because when they dial it from their offices, they get their own local operator, not Pacific Bell's. I have shown more than once that my listings were wrong, even though AT&T insisted they were correct (e.g., 7-29-99).

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