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I wanted the lines tested by someone other than Pacific Bell. After I switched to AT&T and had lost service 5 more times due to what AT&T's operators told me was cable failure, AT&T sent an independent contractor to carry out the test. Pacific Bell sent a technician to observe it. This Pac Bell technician, on hearing I had lost service 10 times, called his supervisor, Jerry Chiulli, who was familiar with my phone service problems. Jerry Chiulli showed up with a person he said was a Pac Bell employee. Chiulli told me since I am an AT&T customer I must ask AT&T to fix the problem, and he and the other Pac Bell employees left. The AT&T technician, too, observed that he had never seen such bad behavior on the part of a phone company employee, and made a note on the form about it.

It is significant that the 2-pair buried drop was still in place after the 5-pair line had been installed. I have no doubts that Pac Bell managers knew there was nothing wrong with the 2-pair buried drop and had blamed it as way to avoid the issue of bad street cable. But I do doubt that management knew it was still available for testing! When it tested "okay" according the the AT&T technician, it proved that Resnick was lying about it when he changed his story in February 1997. He knew it was not at fault, as he had written previously on 11-22-96. When Standen and Murchison confirmed that it was faulty, they were either lying too or just repeating what Resnick had told them. I believe Chiulli knew the truth and that the unprofessional behavior arose out of that.

The fact that the 2-pair buried drop tested okay supports the Pacific Bell repair technicians' and cable maintenance supervisor's statements that the under-street cables were causing my frequent outages, not the 2-pair buried drop by itself. Is this what Pac Bell management keeps trying to hide? Pacific Bell had told me I would not have any more outages after the DAML was removed. But we all know that didn't happen, that there were many documented cable failures and outages after that, and the cables still continue to fail.

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