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On this page: The infamous clown statement -- Gail Burns -- Bill collector won't talk -- Miller calls back

I telephoned J.B. Miller's boss (Gail Burns) after the above conversation in which he threatened to call security for my having called him a clown. I wanted to demonstrate to her the way I and my phone problems were being treated. As the transcript shows, she was at lunch and I played the tape of the aforementioned conversation on her voice mail. It appeared to me that she had Miller call me back after lunch, at 2:50 p.m. (see Previous Document below this one), which was the time he called to say my phone line had been forwarded. Personally, I think Burns ought to have called me back herself. Ten minutes after this, a bill collector who would not discuss my account unless I turned off my recorder called me.

I'd like to note that when these managers do things like J.B. Miller saying he'd call security because I called him a clown, I do not think he is so stupid as that makes him appear. I think it more likely the managers are under pressure and having trouble sometimes doing what is asked of them, when it may conflict with their own morals. I think Miller has been asked by the faceless, nameless, address-less legal department not to help me or deal with me.

Having said that, it is amazing how much more AT&T seems to care that I blew up and called someone a clown than they care about my telephone service!

(See 2-18-98 transcript for an example of how quickly lines can usually be forwarded.)

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