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After receiving this call, I looked at the telephone number on my caller ID unit, as I usually do, and I decided to check the address. It turned out to be a Walnut Creek telephone number, with the following address: 2112 North Main Street. Imagine my surprise when I later stumbled upon the newpaper ad below! Apparently the phone number belongs to a payphone in the parking lot of this bar. The ad is for a Thursday night event. Mr. Aguilar called me from the parking lot on a Thursday evening to leave this message. Obviously, I don't know that he had been inside, but it sure sounded to me like he'd had a few drinks. In any case, as you can see in the transcript, the message is a bit garbled. Is this his way of saying that he wrote the mystery "Executive Complaint Team" letter of March 16, 1999?

The reason for this call must have been the messages I left with the Company Spokesman and the Corporate Secretary, asking if that 3/16/99 letter was legitimate. I seriously wondered if it was a joke and who had sent it. Nobody I asked knew who had written it. Then, on Thursday at 5:57 p.m., I received this message from Aguilar on my answering machine.

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