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The following is a chronological listing of problems with my business phone listings:


1. 05/03/97. I received a letter in the mail asking if I took COD orders; the letter mentioned that my business numbers were not listed in 411. I called 411—My business listings were unlisted. The Pac Bell 411 operator told me that since I was an AT&T customer, I could not be listed in the Pac Bell 411. AT&T Executive Appeals Officer, JB Miller contacted me and told me that the listing problem was the fault of Pac Bell and that AT&T's legal department was going to go after Pac Bell for making my numbers unlisted. He asked me to sign and return a document which he had faxed to me. The document is on my web site.

2. 05/98. I received faxes requesting my business phone number. I called 411 and found out that operators were providing my business fax number instead of my business voice number. I asked Mike Bunse at AT&T to remove my fax listings. Mike Bunse replied in writing with order number to remove listings for fax numbers.

3. 07/98. A customer showed up at my house. He said he got my address by calling 411 and asking for Stealth Conversions. I called 411 and asked for listing for Stealth Conversions. Operator provided phone number as 485-9285, and as well as my home address). 485-9285 was at 1989 A Santa Rita which was a phone line I had installed at the answering service that answers my business phone. I pay to have 485-9285 unlisted.



4. 10/13/98. Customer told me that he could not get my business phone listings by calling 411. He found an old car magazine which had my business phone number. I called 411 and found out that my business numbers were unlisted and that my home address was published. My home address is not supposed to be listed. I tried to get listing corrected by calling the 800 number. I got transferred from operator to operator for about 20 minutes and finally got disconnected. I tried calling back the 800 number, but got a message that it was after business hours. I recorded my efforts on tape. On 10/14/98, I called Candy Baker at AT&T in Mesa Arizona. She said she would get my listings corrected, including my residential listing. Call was recorded and transcript is on my web site. After 5 weeks of pure hell, the listings got corrected.

5. 05/22/00 Stealth Conversions—no address, wrong zip code.

6. 06/16/00 Stealth Conversions—no address

7. 06/20/00 JTR Publishing—no address, zip code correct. Jaguars That Run—no address, zip code correct Stealth Conversions—no address, zip code correct

8. 06/21/00. JTR Publishing—unlisted. Jaguars That Run—unlisted. Stealth Conversions—no address.

9. 06/26/00 Jaguars That Run—unlisted Stealth Conversions—no address.

10. 06/27/00 Stealth Conversions—unlisted.

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