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The following is a chronological listing of problems with my residential phone listings:

1. 05/03/97. I learned that my business numbers were unlisted because of a letter a customer sent to me. I called 411 and found out that my residential number was also unlisted. The Pac Bell 411 operator told me that since I was an AT&T customer, I could not be listed in the Pac Bell 411. AT&T Executive Appeals Officer, JB Miller contacted me and told me that the listing problem was the fault of Pac Bell and that AT&T's legal department was going to go after Pac Bell for making my numbers unlisted. He asked me to sign and return a document which he had faxed to me. The document is on my web site.

2. 10/13/98. Customer told me that he could not get my business phone listings by calling 411. He found an old car magazine which had my business phone number. I called 411 and found out that my business numbers were unlisted and that my home address was published. My home address is not supposed to be listed. I tried to get my listings corrected by calling the 800 number. I got transferred from operator to operator for about 20 minutes and finally got disconnected. I tried calling back the 800 number, but got a message that it was after hours. I recorded my efforts on tape. On 10/14/98, I called Candy Baker at AT&T in Mesa Arizona. She said she would get my listings corrected, including my residential listing. Call was recorded and transcript is on my web site. After 5 weeks of pure hell, the listings got corrected.

3. 07/11/99. My residential number was not listed in Pac Bell 411. I tried to get listing corrected, but I could not get through to anybody in residential by calling the 800 number. Mary Brown, in the business department at Mesa Arizona, tried to help, but she too, expressed difficulty in getting through to the residential department. Transcripts are on my web site. Listing finally got corrected by calling Betty Brandel at PUC on 08/05/99, who in turn arranged a conference call with Nancy Rodriguez at AT&T. Nancy Rodriguez complained that I keep complaining about the same problem. Listings got corrected by 08/12/99 (over one month).

4. 09/07/99 Douglas Phason from Pac Bell called to tell me that my listings were corrected. Rod Aguilar asked Douglas Phason to call me. Mr. Phason promised to send me a letter in the mail explaining why he called. I did not receive the letter in the mail, I called Mr. Phason and it turned out he mailed the letter to the wrong city. I checked my listing, Mike Knell was listed in the wrong city. The listing was corrected by Rod Aguilar by 09/10/99. Documents from Douglas Phason on web site.

5 & 6. 04/25/00 I called a supplier about some engineering drawings for my products. The supplier apologized for not getting back to me, and told me that he could not get my phone number. He called 925-555-1212, and asked for the listing for Mike Knell. The operator provided the phone number 925-462-5093, but my supplier could not get through because 925-462-5093 is hooked up to my computer, and is not connected to a phone. I pay to have 925-462-5093 unlisted. I called 411 and there was no listing for Mike Knell, not even 925-462-5093, which was, according to my supplier, listed earlier. It is because of these constant changes that I want my listings checked on a daily basis. I sent a fax to Rod Aguilar about the problem, and Jesse Rivera from AT&T Broadband called to get the listing corrected. Jesse Rivera told me that Rod Aguilar asked him to call me, and that Jesse Rivera was to be my AT&T Contact. Jesse told me my listings would be checked on a weekly basis.

7. 06/21/00 No address for listing for Mike Knell

8. 06/26/00 Listing for Mike Knell becomes Michael Knell. Apparently, my listings are not checked on a weekly basis.

9. 06/27/00. After going over my listings with an AT&T 00 operator, I found out that Mike Knell was listed three times in business section of AT&T 00. Operator told me that AT&T Database is updated once a week and occurs on Friday.

10. 07/10/00 Listing for Mike Knell becomes Michael Knell. Listing was correctly listed as Mike Knell on 06/28/00

11. 07/17/00 Listing for Mike Knell is Michael Knell. Listing was supposedly correctly listed as Mike Knell on 07/14/00, as per phone message from PUC commissioner's office.

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